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If You Would Like To Know More About Other Real Estate Related Topics The Videos Below Provide Valuable Information And Tips.   Videos For Buyers!   Are these the property taxes I’ll be paying? Purchase your next home with 3% down payment. Stop Over Paying! The rich are flocking to Miami! Here’s why! Planning to … Continued

Will open houses really sell your home?

Open houses are a great start to generate buzz around your property! It will get the neighbors talking. But sometimes that’s all it will do! Make sure you select an agent who knows what they’re doing! Watch this short video on why open houses may not be necessary everyweekend.   Click the link to some … Continued

Miami Real Estate Market Update April

Do you want the Truth?? Of course you do. Hey, Listen, there is so much negative publicity out in the media about the housing market crashing and forecasts saying it’s looking close to what happened back in 2008. Hi I’m Joanna with the Opes Real Estate Group. We’re seeing Headlines like “Cash-out mortgage refis are … Continued